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For myself, the knowledge that the spirit survives the physical death is as real as our physical life.  I know the spirit lives on and does not die and I believe that each and every person should have the opportunity to learn and discover for themselves this reality, here and now in our physical world.  Whether this be through the special experience of gaining genuine, accurate personal evidence during a private sitting or through their own enlightening journey of spiritual development in all its many wonders’.

Roger enjoys the intimacy and interaction achieved during a one to one sitting. The opportunity is available to obtain a wealth of information, allowing the time needed to really work with the spirit communicators in a private and personal environment.  

His private sittings are always conducted with the uppermost respect and compassion.  The objective of the sitting is always to obtain evidence of survival of the spirit.  Roger believes the true purpose of a medium is not to make predictions or to tell fortunes but to prove to the sitter that their loved ones really do survive physical death.

Whilst demonstrating in a public environment, Roger delivers his Mediumship in a sensitive and positive manner.  Using his natural charisma and ability to connect with his audience in a down to earth and engaging way, he manages to keep a warm and lively atmosphere whilst blending the two worlds together.

Whilst delivering messages and providing specific evidence proving the continuation of life is extremely important to Roger, he also understands the necessity that the art of true Mediumship needs to be passed on to those with the desire to learn.  Because of this and his dedication to helping many develop spiritually, he has made a great effort in his commitment to tuition and guidance, in the UK and abroad, having helped many students over the years.  His teaching covers all aspects of psychic development from offering awareness courses for complete beginners through to specialist workshops investigating the mechanics of advanced Mediumship.

Roger considers himself fortunate to have been able to promote the essence of spirituality to many people from varying beliefs and faiths.  The past ten years have been especially important with his overseas work being involved in peace projects, bringing the message of peace across all divides.

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